A Reminder


Almost a year and a half ago there was a person who posted on the DailyKos who was raising money for the Crawford Peace House and Cindy Sheehan's mission to camp out on the road to W's "ranch." There were several pleas for money. The Peace house was about to close down as they had $119. in their bank account at the time. I sent them money directly and I also checked out the web site of HyperbolicPantsExplosion that was linked on Kos (sadly, I can't find it now.) She couldn't donate money or go down to Crawford, but she offered to make beaded bracelets and donate the proceeds to Camp Casey and the Peace House. It turns out she raised $1000. through her efforts. So in addition to contributing to the Peace House, I did that too. I ordered one for me and one for my mother.

I've been wearing the "Casey" bracelet for a year and a half pretty much all the time. I've met Cindy and heard her speak in many venues, The Riverside Church April 4 of 2005 (which was the anniversary of Casey's death), at Boston University, on the Mall in D.C. and a couple of other places. She is not crazy, she is a patriot with a big question. What is the noble cause that her son and so many other's mother's sons have died for?

This past weekend has seen the death of a president who —"wise people" say— "saved" the country from protracted hearings and truth tellings by pardoning one of the most sinister presidents this country has seen. His actions subverted justice and we wound up with his former aides continuing their evil work and rising to the pinnacle of power to wreak havoc on the country and the world. Thank you Pres. Ford.

We have also witnessed another subversion of justice with the preemptive hanging of Saddam Hussain. Yes he was evil. Yes he was a murdering war criminal. Yes, he probably deserved to die. But to call the process that he was put through justice is such an obscene perversion of what it is that we as Americans expect from a constitutionally centered Judiciary that all we can do is weep. Juan Cole has lots to say about that in Salon as does Glenn Greenwald.

We were leaving a store yesterday and a reporter from the local paper walked up to us, introduced herself and asked if we had any New Years' resolutions. Mr. Rev. said yes, to redouble his/our efforts to bring this war to an end. I had not thought about resolutions—I usually don't. But I told her that I was looking forward to the oversight hearings that we have been promised by the democrats. I fully intend to watch carefully and do all I can to hold our elected officials accountable for trying to reinstall democracy and give us our country back.

I wear my Casey bracelet to remind me of that every day.

The Christmas Truce

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Last Sunday I shared a true story with my congregation. I have shared the same story the last four years with the congregations I have served on an interim basis. I'd like to not have to keep telling it, but until we stop the warring madness, I must.

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