The New Edward R. Murrow?


AMAZING! The new Edward R. Murrow? I hope so.
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We Get the Government We Deserve (?)

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Homeland Security?


A week ago I was in L.A. spending time with my mother. I flew there 5 days after they changed the rules about what you could take on an airplane.Read More . . .

Reaction Time


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Another book I will not use

Marc Gellman writes good children's books.

'Tis a pity because he just branded himself a pompous ass. He seems to think that Holy Joe Lieberman lost his race to Ned Lamont because the Jews didn't stick together and vote for Joe. And
Newsweek printed that tripe!

"I simply do not understand why so many Jews bailed on Joe. I cannot understand why Joe's percentage of the Jewish vote was not in the high 90s instead of the 54-57 percent range (according to Lieberman’s campaign). I have opinions on way too many things I don't know nearly enough about, but I know about Jews. I am a professional Jew, and yet if you asked me to explain why Jews did not vote for Joe the way blacks voted for Barack Obama or Catholics voted for John F. Kennedy I would not know what to tell you."

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd like to think that democrats had put that nonsense to bed long ago. Yes, to some degree people vote their identities. Thomas Frank wrote about that in his book, What's the Matter with Kansas? But the people who tend to do that do so because they are not well informed voters who care about the issues. Democratic primary voters in CT are not that. They knew who they were voting for and they also knew who they were voting against. By November, they will really get to know Ned and then, there will be no contest.

Perhaps Rabbi Gellman has never let go of the immigrant thinking where "a people" need to stick together. I don't know what's wrong with him, frankly. He supports Bush for God's sake! I haven't spoken with the jewish side of my family for years and years because they turned out to be bigots. They may have voted for Bush too, but they are in the minority.

So he supports the war. So what? The actual difference between intelligent people's positions on the war in Iraq is between those who know we must leave eventually but do not want to embolden our enemies and weaken our friends by telling them when we will leave, and those who also know we will leave eventually and also do not want to set an arbitrary timetable, but who really, really, really want everybody to know that we will be leaving. Those who want to bring all the troops home by next Monday, and those who want to “nuke the bastards” are both nuts. So among reasonable non-rabid people, the differences over Iraq are just not that big. And for this we dumped Joe? It just makes no sense to me and it ought to be a huge embarrassment to all card-carrying Jews whether they agreed with Joe or not.

I consider myself a reasonable non-rabid person and I want our troops out of Iraq ASAP. Fo this, I devoted time, energy, and money to go to CT to do all I could to add to the effort to dump Joe. You see for me it wasn't only about the war. It was about the "gang of 14" that wants to sell out our courts. It was about the Alito cloture vote that Joe screwed up. It was about him saying that rape victims who are taken to Catholic hospitals who receive federal money could just take a "short ride" to another hospital to get emergency contraception because the hospital staff should be able to follow the vatican's dictum that would deny the patient a legal available drug that would not compound the
rape victim's tragedy by adding pregnancy to the equation. It was about not interjecting the federal government into Michael Schiavo's already awful situation and prolonging a life that was not longer there.
It really is too bad that I won't be able ever again to use Rabbi Gellman's books because I kind of liked them.




We spent the morning pulling goosegrass from our lawn. Lest you think it wasn't a political or moral act . . .
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Seventh Inning Stretch Part 1

There were three "The Kiss" buttons that were made up.

The first said, "Too Close for Comfort" The second, "Bush's Favorite Democrat."

This one, yeah, the word "Democrat" no longer applies

After the first full night's sleep in days it is time for the 7th Inning stretch. We're closing in on the last push of the campaign and taking a look at the path ahead. But first some reflections on where we've come from.

I'd have to dig into my dust covered files to find when I first sent some money Ned's way. It was a while ago. Haven't given much directly to him dollar wise, but I did trek down a few weeks ago and went door to door with "scarecrow"on a really hot sunday. Then came in and did phonebanking with him and Kathryn and other new folks we met in Willimantic. Then, right after returning from vacation in Quebec, got in the car again for the closing weekend to help with whatever was needed. All at my own expense—as did all of the Lamont volunteers—not like the Lieberdroids who demanded and got higher and higher per diems just for showing up.

The first thing I learned about myself is that I will eat nails rather than phone bank. The inner introvert that lives in my gut froze up with each number dialed. Door to door, much less of a problem. I can handle the face to face OK, but not the cold calling on the phone.

So I went out with John and selise and Kathryn and Lisa and Diane, and Jerry (all at various times) got into the car, and went to meet the voters. It was hot. We had mapquest printouts in our laps with a pile of other papers, contrast sheets, voter registration forms and lists of registered dems.

Lots of folks were not home on Sat. Four of us were in the car and we kind of piggybacked in pairs. We stopped at Friendly's for lunch and got the waitress to register to vote—her tip depended on it! Then we went out again and finished our route. Again, not many people home and in a large apartment complex, our sheets did not have many of the apartment numbers which made it very difficult.

Then there was GospelFest in New Haven on sat. night. It was great. The feeling, the mood, the general acceptance of everyone there. There weren't too many white faces there, but we were treated well and had a blast. Ned was announced, did his thing and then worked the crowd. And he was great. He talked with kids, he talked with moms and grand moms, and he talked with bikers, all with ease.

Ned & bikers 1

Taping the Gwen Ifill interview was cool, but watching Ned work the crowd was really where it was at. So after all of that, we went to Sullivan's in New Haven and finally saw the Kiss Float up close.


We had a wild and wonderful time talking with Jane, CTBob, CTBlogger, Gina, TRex and all of the other bloggers and hangers on, like me, who came to be with one another as we worked our way up to election day.


Sunday was much better. We started with breakfast in the hotel and had lots of time as the folks in the inner circle of planning had a strategy meeting and we weren't due in until 1. So we spread out in the restaurant and read the blogs, what else? Only problem was that we couldn't post any comments to FDL in that hotel. The damn server they used, just sucked our brilliant observations and witticisms into the ether.


Time to hit the streets again. John and I pulled the U district—Wesleyan. The bulk of the people that we did find at home were Ned supporters, many of them enthusiastically so. We also had a few un-decideds which I would hope we managed to turn towards Ned.

And then there was Mr. X. He claimed to be a former journalist who was appalled at the job the press was doing, or more precisely NOT doing. He really wanted to talk and proceeded to do so. He was leaning toward Ned but wouldn't let us close the deal. He didn't like the fact that Ned was not an opponent of, of all things, gay marriage! That thread went on for a while and I bit my tongue pretty hard so as not to say what I was thinking.

He asked us what we disagreed with Ned over. He asked about whether elected officials should base their decisions on the views of their constituents or his/her conscience. I told him that I didn't want one religious view written into legislation over the views of others. We got into the Catholic hospital/federal funds dilemma over EC. He strongly felt that the institution's principals should not have to be compromised. I countered that if so, the ambulance protocols then need to be re-wrtten so that the patient gets to choose which hospital they are taken to. Joe's idea that if a rape victim winds up in a Catholic hospital ER and wants emergency contraception, it is "just a short ride" to another hospital where they can get it. BS! Mr. X had to concede my point.

The war came into the discourse too and then he tried to play the "I served in 'Nam, so I know better" card, except that Mr. X had been a corpsman and John had served in combat. Point to John.

This conversation must have gone on for at least 20 minutes with him trying and thinking he could stump us. It didn't happen. Nothing like being an avid blog reader to really be up on what is going on in the world. That was hard work and we don't know if we even got his vote.

But the lady down the street was golden, with us 100+%. We drove back to HQ feeling great. Then we delivered a couple of lawn signs to folks who had requested them.

It was a roller coaster in terms of energy, physical and psychic. Those were the first two days.

A HOT time in CT

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