Going on Vacation

Sightseeing 1
Going away for a week to "vacate." We'll be in Canada for most of it trying not to act "American."

The last time we left the country was 3 years ago when we went to France for two weeks. At that time the war had begun and it was an awful situation but nothing like it is now. We got into some interesting dinner conversations with locals who spoke enough english —after my halting French proved too much a barrier— to communicate intent if not nuance of their sentiments. Back then, they thought ill of our government but not the American people. After all, we thought we were electing a "compassionate conservative" and the election was whisper close. The 2004 election changed that. That the american people could really choose W. after showing his true colors meant that we, the people, were either fools or really intentionally wished ill on the rest of the world. There was no more benefit of the doubt due us.

I don't know what it will be like in Quebec. We will try our best not to be the ugly americans that are held in such contempt world wide. If I get into any interesting conversations or have some worthwhile observations, I will try to post them. If not, well, I'll be back in a week to jump back into the people powered politics movement and find ways of helping out Ned Lamont before the Aug. 8 primary. Have a good week.

See if you can fix things while we're gone.