No Macaca Moment for Me


I had an unenviable task today.

KathrynMA and I got up really early and drove down to Newtown, CT today to join with Ned Lamont and cheer him on in the Newtown Parade. *xyz and scarecrow from FDL joined up with us. CTBob, Eric, Maura, Keith and Ed were there too. Ned, Annie and the kids were also there in great spirits. It was quite a day. Thanks to Joe there were press releases about how he had been invited and then uninvited to march in the parade. For nine years he had been invited but didn't bother to show up. Why should he? He had already been installed in his permanent seat in the US Senate. Since LOSING the DEMOCRATIC primary on August 8 to Ned Lamont and then most UNgraciously deciding that he would run anyway, he decided to show up for the parade. He had at most around 30 followers with him.

Ned, on the other hand had well over a hundred.

IMG_7762 IMG_7757

As I was standing in the crowd with my new video camera, Fletcher came up to me and said that Swannie had a favor to ask. Would I be willing to stick with Joe and take videos of him throughout the parade? Deep breath. "Anything for the team" said I.

So I spent the whole parade walking along side of Joe and Hadassa, bobbing and weaving capturing many of his moves with the crowd. I left my friends with Ned and ventured into the enemy camp.

Sad to say that Holy Joe got a welcome reception. It had me worried. A lot. Then at the end of the parade I learned a few things. 1. Ned won Newtown in the Primary. 2. Newtown is republican territory.

AHA, that explained a lot. The folks coming up to Joe and cheering him on were the REPUBLICANS!


After the parade, I gave my tape to Fletcher after extracting a promise that he would send it to me after downloading it. He apologized for ruining my day. In the mean time I had used up the end of the roll on Ned in Danbury at the Dem. HQ where he gave the crowd something to cheer about. His public speaking is getting better by the day!.

Then, Kathryn, scarecrow and I went to a diner for lunch before returning home.

Spending that much time dogging Joe, I needed a shower when I got home.