We spent the morning pulling goosegrass from our lawn. Lest you think it wasn't a political or moral act . . .

I was deep in contemplation while on my knees and on my butt stabbing the weed puller into the ground and trying to wrench out the roots along with the tops of that most stubborn of lawn invaders. With each stab and pull I thought about Abu Gonzales and his DOJ shills that are trying to destroy democracy.

You see, goosegrass is like crabgrass, but not. It does not succumb to the pre-emergent fertilizer mix we put out in the spring. It lies in wait for small patches of bare ground and then it moves in, reaches out and grows, well, like a weed. It takes over and suffocates anything in it's surrounding area. The only way to not have it grow is to have healthy grass growing in abundance.

This summer, we have been busy doing other things so the goosegrass has invaded big time. Frankly, I'd like to take a flame thrower or a blow torch to it as I know that the regular weed killers won't work. Unfortunately, other than killing it and everything in it's path with roundup, the only way to get rid of it is by hand, stem by stem, weed, by weed.


We live in a neighborhood where many, if not most of the residents have automatic sprinkler systems and lawn services that come around with regularity and in addition to mowing, they spray or spread a variety of chemicals that make everything look picture perfect. Not us. No built in sprinklers, no people with chemicals—we try to minimize adding to the pollutants already in the ground water, but we do have folks who do the mowing.

Without the chemicals and the automatic watering, it takes a lot of attention and energy to keep the grass growing and looking good. That's more attention than we usually have to give as we are working or traveling or spending our energy on other things rather than the lawn over the summer time.

As I was pulling out the damned goosegrass I realized that democracy is kind of like the lawn. It requires attention, careful feeding and watering. It's something that, if left alone, will sprout weeds that will quickly take over. Not only will they take over, they will be much harder to get rid of than if they had been avoided in the first place.

So, working on the Lamont campaign or any other worthy campaign around the country, writing letters to the editor, paying visits to our congressional representatives, reading and staying informed, screaming bloody murder when Abu & Co. try to hijack our constitution, these are all things we need to do just to maintain the freedoms we have taken for granted.

We will have a LOT of goosegrass to rid ourselves of in the next few election cycles. Time to get back to work. If we all start doing what we need to do, the lawn will have a chance to grow and be healthy again.