Inter est ing

I met with my colleagues today for the first time in a long while. The colleagues in the district normally meet monthly from Sept. through May and provide support, some forms of continuing education at times, and worship for one another. Today, one of my colleagues led worship and spoke of the "inter est ing" times we are living in. Inter— within, among, connected; est—being, to be. We are being, living with, connected to, one another in these interesting times (the ancient Chinese curse is, "may you live in interesting times." )

Many of my colleagues returned from a summer feeling really stressed about the state of the world. Watching the bombing of Lebanon and Israel was different this time, different from the other wars and incursions in the past. It felt far more scary. I understand that. For the first time since the founding of modern Israel in 1948, the Big, Powerful US of A is no longer the superpower that can make everything all right by waving it's big stick. The curtain has been pulled on the mighty Wizard of Oz and there's not much there. Those folks out there who thought we could make things better, know now that we can't.

We are in an interesting profession, my colleagues and I. We are the people whose job it is to find the hope when and where there doesn't seem to be any. Of all of the people in that room today, I probably spend more time than most, if not all, reading the blogs, listening to the news, paying close attention to politics. And I think I was probably one of the most hope filled people there because of it. I truly believe that knowledge is power. Ignorance exacerbates fear. The more I can learn about what scares me, the less fear I feel because along with learning about the issue, I have the blogs to help me figure out what actions to take which in turn makes me feel less powerless. It is because I have found a new world of people who are equally engaged in changing the situation we find our country in that I have hope.

And, hopefully, I will find ways to help others find this stream of hope within the amazing online community that shares information, ideas, and energy in order to actively bend this world back toward the justice, peace and love that we all crave.