Moral Values

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All of the ongoing media circus and feeding frenzy that is focussed on the Mark Foley scandal is about moral values. Not the moral values that the Radical RIght has been pushing on the unthinking American public for lo these many years. The party of so-called "traditional values" has used their "values voters" for at least two decades now. Yes, USED them. And though we on the progressive side of the scale would like to think that finally, FINALLY, the people who have been blindly following the republican leadership like sheep have been awakened by the blinding light of the truth—the truth that they have been used by greedy, power-hungry fascists, I think we are going to be disappointed.

One thing that I learned from George Lakoff through is books, Moral Politics, and Don't think of an Elephant, and from John Dean's Conservatives Without Conscience is that people will hear what fits their world view. If facts come out that don't, those facts, no matter the truth, will just not enter their consciousness, they will be filtered out. That is the bad news. The good news is that the Foley episode, like none other has gotten through the filters enough to sow some seeds of doubt. That is big. Hopefully big enough to keep a lot of those new doubters home on election day.

But let's talk about moral values, the moral values that we progressives care about.

Fairness and Equity
Respect for Differences

Those are a few, boiled down into teeny tiny soundbites. It is time for the party of real moral values, the party that stands for the above to start shouting them from the rooftops and remind the people in this country what it once stood for and can again, if we change the cast of characters who have tried to flush all that is good about this country down the toilet. We can only do that if we work for the candidates who have pledged to do just that. And this year there are plenty of them.

Start here and go from there! Much to do and time is running out.