A HOT time in CT

The heat wave is over. It was only 92 when we went out door to door.

I can't tell you how exciting it is to be part of something as exciting and important as a real and I mean REAL grass roots campaign. Many of us are showing up from out of state to help the local activists who are working their hearts out to get Ned Lamont elected to the Senate in November. The primary is less than 48 hours from now.

We went door to door with a great local woman, Diane, who had never done canvassing before but has been active on the local scene in lots of ways for many years. Into the car, out of the car into the heat. Rinse and repeat. It seemed that almost everyone had decided to spend the day at the air conditioned mall or movie theater or whatever. Lots of knocking, lots of ringing doorbells and a few people home. Had some great short conversations. Even got the waitress at Friendly's to fill out a voter registration card. Told her that her tip depended on it Happy

Then we spent part of the evening at the New Haven Gospel Fest. Talk about energy!!!! Music, food, laughs, and Ned.

Tried to listen to Ned being interviewed by Gwen Ifell from PBS (interview will be on TV Mon. night and had time to chat with her. Ned was, again great as was his family. Mom, Dad, Annie, his wife and kids. And he worked the crowd like they were his friends and family.

I'll have a great YouTube short to put up as soon as I can figure out how to do it.

Back to work. Gotta do whatever I can to help Ned win on Tues.